The Notorious Byrd Brothers

Please do not disturb any occupants here!

An old stone house in Topanga Canyon, just above Malibu, California, was the location for the cover of “The Notorious Byrd Brothers” album by The Byrds. The same location was used on the back of Linda Ronstadt’s album “Hand Sown… Home Grown”.

Home GrownOn the Byrds album, the primary members of the band can be seen left to right: Chris Hillman, Roger McGuinn, and Michael Clarke. The other members of the band are not pictured anywhere else in the original packaging. It’s interesting to think that they would have had a horse in the picture instead of one of the other guys. But there were a lot of egos at play in that band, so it’s not surprising that David Crosby and the others are not pictured.

Different versions of Linda standing or sitting in front of the building have been used as the back cover of various re-issues of the Hand Sown… Home Grown album and CD as well as on the original pressing.

Private Residence
647 Old Topanga Canyon Rd
Topanga CA 90290