Musical Equipment Stores And Manufacturers Of Rock N Roll Equipment

Guitar shops and manufacturers that make and sell custom guitars, basses, amps, drums and other equipment used by rock and roll musicians

Gruhn Guitars

Gruhn always has the world’s premier collections of vintage and used fretted instruments in their…

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Mesa Boogie

Very well known manufacturer of guitar and bass amps. Some of the bands and artists that use their amps…

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Founded in a small shop in Brooklyn in 1883, Gretsch is now one of the…

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Westwood Music

A Los Angeles music store staple. It is not unusual on any given day to find Joni Mitchell…

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Truetone Music

One of the best independent guitar shops in the L.A. area, their walls are covered with…

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Manny’s Music

Manny’s was a New York institution since they opened their doors in 1935. They quickly …

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Real Guitars

San Francisco’s oldest vintage guitar store. They buy, sell, trade and appraise all types…

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ESP Guitars

ESP found fame by providing guitars for guitarists who went on to become leading…

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Subway Guitars

This is unquestionably the place to go if you are in the East Bay and need a guitar, bass or amp. The…

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