Walnut Ridge Regional Airport

Image Via AETN

The Beatles one and only visit to Arkansas!

On September 18, 1964, The Beatles had a short layover here on the way to their final U.S. concert. The Walnut Ridge airport provided the ideal spot for the group to change planes. Also, the Beatles could avoid the crush of screaming fans by landing at a secluded airport at the edge of a small town.

Their first stopover was short, but word got out that they would be coming back after a brief visit to a dude ranch. On their return, The Fab Four were greeted by most of the town’s occupants.

The local legend of the two encounters looms so large even now that Walnut Ridge has unveiled a sculpture of the band and has hosted a tribute concert.

Walnut Ridge Regional Airport
11 Sky Watch
Walnut Ridge AK 72476
870 886-5432