Rock And Roll Studios And Labels

Places that recorded some of the greatest music ever made. Many of the recording studios here have been gone for years, usually replaced by a shopping mall.

Studio Paradiso

Located in The Mosser Hotel, the Studio Paradiso is the place where traveling musicians going to…

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Media Sound

Once a baptist church, this was the location where John Lennon recorded “Walls and Bridges”…

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TTG Studios

This is where the Doors recorded their third album, Waiting For The Sun. This is also the…

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Motown Records

Among Motown’s early artists were Mabel John, Mary Wells, and Barrett Strong. The label’s…

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MCA Records

MCA Records was part of the Music Corporation of America (MCA). In 2003, it was bought…

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The Automatt

In 1978, The Automatt rose out of the ashes of Columbia Records’ old location, and…

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