Capitol Records

According to legend the design of this building is meant to represent a stack of records. Inside the lobby is an astounding array of gold records, spanning the entire history of rock and roll and the amazing roster of recording artists that have been represented on the Capitol label.

Capitol Records was the first record company based on the West Coast, and has promoted such acts as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, Frank Sinatra, Bob Seger, Duran Duran, Bonnie Raitt, Robbie Robertson, Steve Miller, Linda Ronstadt and Tina Turner.

The mural facing the parking lot is a beautiful photo op. Capitol many times has promotional events for their artists at this location.

The blinking light atop the tower spells out the word “Hollywood” in Morse code. In 1992 it was changed to read “Capitol 50” in honor of the label’s fiftieth anniversary. It has since returned to spelling “Hollywood.”

Capitol Records
1750 Vine Street
Los Angeles CA 90028