Shangra-la Recording Studio

Former Location –
In the early 1970’s Rob Fraboni designed and built the recording studios at Shangri La to the precise specifications of Bob Dylan and the Band. As president and co-owner of the studio he recorded albums for many artists, including ‘Northern Lights-Southern Cross’ for The Band. The Drummer for The Band Levon Helm described Shangri La as “…a clubhouse and studio where we and our friends could record albums and cross-pollinate one another’s music.”

During this period, Eric Clapton spent nearly three months here, recording with the likes of Bob Dylan (who was living in a tent in the rose garden), Van Morrison, Ringo Starr, Pete Townshend, Joe Cocker, Billy Preston and Ronnie Wood. It was with this all star cast that Clapton’s ‘No Reason To Cry’ album was created. In Clapton’s biography ‘Crossroads’, he describes the sessions at Shangri La as an intensely creative period, where all-night jam sessions and wild parties were the norm.

In the mid 1970’s, Robbie Robertson and Martin Scorsese used Shangri La as a location and rehearsal studio for the film “The Last Waltz.”

In 2006, musician and producer Eric Lynn became the current house engineer and studio manager. Applying the old-school studio style he learned from his time working in Jackson Browne’s Groovemaster’s studio, Eric finely tuned the functionality of Shangri La. Under Chaney’s ownership and Lynn’s management, the studio has evolved into a modern facility.

Shangra-la Recording Studio
30065 Morning View Drive
Malibu CA 90265