Wally Heider's San Francisco Studios Plaque

Former Location –
Wally Heider was very well known for making excellent studio and remote location recordings and for his superb engineering, because of this some of the greatest bands in rock history made recordings here.

Counted among its first clients were the Jefferson Airplane who recorded Volunteers here, Crosby Stills, Nash and Young recorded Deja Vu here, Creedence Clearwater Revival recorded Green River and other albums here and The Grateful Dead recorded American Beauty at the studio. Other artists to record here were: Moby Grape, James Brown, Paul Simon, Merle Haggard, Journey, The Dead Kennedys, T. Rex, The Byrds, The Tubes, The Pointer Sisters and Herbie Hancock.

In 1978, Heider sold the studio and its name to Filmways. In 1980 Filmways sold it to a partnership which renamed the business Hyde Street Studios, which is still in business.

Wally Heider’s Studios

245 Hyde Street
San Francisco CA 94102