Rock & Roll Music History

This website covers the history of American and Canadian Rock & Roll.
Find the places where Rock Artists played, stayed, lived and died.

Use the links above to find the locations that rock artists frequented while making the music of rock and roll. Check out the links under People to find the places that musicians lived, stayed, died and where they are buried.

Rock Artists allows you to find all of the references in our website by band or musician or both!

The People link will allow you to locate your favorite artists directly by seeing where they lived, stayed, are buried and where they died.

The Places link is where you can find the restaurants and bars frequented by rock musicians as well as the schools they attended, the manufacturers and sellers of the musical instruments they use and the museums and halls that feature their work.

Under Music, you will find where rock musicians recorded their music, the venues they played at, the studios and labels they used as well as the physical location of dozens of album cover shots.

And of course, Miscellaneous is everything else!