Desolation Boulevard by The Sweet

The cover of The Sweet’s third album “Desolation Boulevard” shows them superimposed over a long shot of the Sunset Strip which was created by Hipgnosis, a design group that did ground-breaking work for Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin

Two different versions of the album were released, one by RCA Records in Europe, and another by Capitol Records in the United States, Canada and Japan. The Capitol version, released in July 1975, includes the hit single “The Ballroom Blitz“.

U.S. Version Tracks:

Side One:
Ballroom Blitz
The Six Teens
No You Don’t
I Wanna Be Committed

Side Two:
Sweet F.A.
Fox on the Run
Set Me Free
Into the Night
Solid Gold Brass


Brian Connolly – lead vocals 
Steve Priest – bass, lead vocals
Andy Scott – guitars, lead vocals
Mick Tucker – drums, percussion, backing vocals

Sunset Strip
Los Angeles CA