The Captain and Me

A portion of Interstate 5 in California collapsed during the 1971 San Fernando Valley earthquake. The portion left standing was used for the cover of the third Doobie Brothers’ album “The Captain and Me” which was released on March 2, 1973 by Warner Bros. Records.


Side One:
Natural Thing
Long Train Runnin’
China Grove
Dark Eyed Cajun Woman
Clear as the Driven Snow

Side Two:
Without You
South City Midnight Lady
Evil Woman
Busted Down Around O’Connelly Corners
The Captain and Me


Tom Johnston – guitars, harmonica, ARP synthesizer, vocals
Patrick Simmons – guitars, ARP synthesizer, vocals
Tiran Porter – bass, vocals
John Hartman – drums, percussion, vocals
Michael Hossack – drums, congas, cymbals, timbales

Doobie Brothers Discography:

1971 – The Doobie Brothers
1972 – Toulouse Street
1973 – The Captain and Me
1974 – What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits
1975 – Stampede
1976 – Takin’ It to the Streets
1977 – Livin’ on the Fault Line
1978 – Minute by Minute
1980 – One Step Closer
1989 – Cycles
1991 – Brotherhood
2000 – Sibling Rivalry
2010 – World Gone Crazy
2014 – Southbound

Freeway Overpass
Sylmar CA 91342