Cover of Minor Earth

The nose section of a 737 located at the airplane graveyard next to the Mojave Airport was used for the cover of “Minor Earth, Major Sky“, the sixth album by a-ha. The album was released by WEA, also known as Warner Music Group on April 14, 2000.


Little Black Heart
Minor Earth Major Sky
Simmer Moved On
The Sun Never Shone That Day
To Let You Win
The Company Man
Thought That It Was You
I Wish I Cared
Barely Hanging On
You’ll Never Get Over Me
I  Won’t Forget Her
Mary Ellen Makes the Moment Count


Morten Harket – Vocals
Magne Furuholmen – Keyboards
Pal Waaktaar Savoy – Guitars

Mojave Airport
1434 Flight Line
Mojave CA 93501
661 824-2433