Murmur Back Cover by R.E.M.

A train trestle in Athens, GA was featured on the back cover of the original vinyl LP version of R.E.M’s  “Murmur” which was released by I.R.S. Records on April 12, 1983. Because of the cover, which was shot by Sandra Lee Phipps, the trestle has become a local landmark. Plans to demolish the trestle, now commonly referred to as the “Murmur Trestle,” met with public outcry. On October 2, 2000, the Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission voted to save it.


Side One:
Radio Free Europe
Talk About the Passion
Moral Kiosk
Perfect Circle

Side Two:
Sitting Still
Shaking Through
We Walk
West of the Fields


Michael Stipe – lead vocals
Bill Berry – drums, backing vocals, percussion, bass guitar, piano
Peter Buck – electric & acoustic guitars
Mike Mills – bass guitar, backing vocals, piano, organ, acoustic guitar, vibraphone

R.E.M. Studio Discography

4/12/1983 – Murmur
4/9/1984 – Reckoning
6/10/1985 – Fables of the Reconstruction
7/28/1986 – Lifes Rich Pageant
9/1/1987 – Document
11/7/1988 – Green
3/12/1991 – Out Of Time
10/5/1992 – Automatic for the People
9/27/1994 – Monster
9/9/1996 – New Adventures in Hi-Fi
10/27/1998 – Up
3/15/2001 – Reveal
10/5/2004 – Around the Sun
4/1/2008 – Accelerate
⅜/2011 – Collapse into Now

Murmur Back Cover by R.E.M.
Athens,  GA