Back In Town by The Kingston Trio

The Kingston Trio’s live album Back In Town” was photographed at this intersection. They had recently recorded the album at the Hungry i down the street from this intersection. The album was released on Capitol Records in June of 1964 and reached number 22 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart .


Side One:
Georgia Stockade
Ah Woe, Ah Me
Walkin’ This Road to My Town
The World I Used to Know
Salty Dog

Side Two:
Let’s Get Together
Isle in the Water
Farewell Captain
Tom Dooley
Them Poems
So Hi


Bob Shane – vocals, guitar
Nick Reynolds – vocals, tenor guitar, conga
John Stewart – vocals, banjo, guitar
Dean Reilly – bass
Glen Campbell – guitar

San Francisco Street
Kearny St. and Nottingham Place
San Francisco CA 94133