Dog In The Sand by Frank Black

The Sutro Bath ruins was the location of the album cover for Frank Black’s third album “Dog In The Sand” which was released on SpinART on January 30, 2001.


Blast Off
I’ve Seen Your Picture
St. Francis Dam Disaster
Robert Onion
Stupid Me
The Swimmer
I’ll Be Blue
Llano del Rio
If It Takes All Night
Dog in the Sand


Frank Black – vocals, guitar
Scott Boutier – drums, vocals
Eric Drew Feldman – keyboard, vocals
Rich Gilbert – guitar, pedal steel guitar, keyboards, vocals
David McCaffery – bass, vocals
Dave Phillips – guitar, pedal steel guitar, vocals
Joey Santiago – lead guitar
Moris Tepper – guitar, banjo, bihuela
Nick Vincent – percussion

Sutro Bath Ruins
Point Lobos Ave
San Francisco CA 94121