Buried here are multiple artists including:

William James “Count” Basie

Count Basie was one of the greatest jazz bandleaders of all time. In 1935, Basie formed his own jazz orchestra, the Count Basie Orchestra, and led the orchestra for almost 50 years, creating many jazz innovations. Neil Peart of Rush recorded a version of Basie’s “One O’Clock Jump” with the Buddy Rich Big Band, and has periodically  used it at the end of his drum solos.

Basie died on April 26, 1984 at the age of 79 of pancreatic cancer.

Ellie Greenwich

Eleanor Louise Greenwich was the songwriter behind 1960s hits including “Da Doo Ron Ron,” “River Deep – Mountain High,” “Chapel of Love“, “Leader of the Pack” and “Be My Baby.”

Ellie died at the age of 68 on August 26, 2009 from a heart attack.

Alice Coltrane

Alice Coltrane, also known as Turiya Alice Coltrane was a great jazz keyboard artist as well as the widow of John Coltrane.

Alice died on January 12, 2007 aged 69 of respiratory failure.

John Coltrane

John Coltrane was one of the greatest saxophone players in jazz history.

John died on July 17, 1967 at the age of 40 due to liver cancer.

Curtis “King” Ousley

Curtis “King” Ousley, who performed under the stage name King Curtis,  was a popular saxophone session man who played with Sam Cooke, The Coasters, Stevie Wonder and Duane Allman. He played the famous sax solos on The Coasters “Yakety-Yak” and Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.”

Curtis died on August 13, 1971 at the young age of 37 when he was stabbed during an argument with a pair of drug dealers he discovered on the steps outside his apartment.

Lloyd Trotman

Lloyd Trotman is best known as the bass soloist on Ben E. King’s 1961 hit recording, “Stand By Me.” He also worked with The Drifters, Ray Charles and The Coasters.

Lloyd died on October 3, 2007 at the age of 84.

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