Greeenlawn Memorial Gardens Entrance

Image Via Find A Grave

Buried here are multiple artists including:

Thomas Michael “Tommy” Caldwell

Tommy was the bass guitar player and leader of the “Marshall Tucker Band.” Thomas died on April 28, 1980 from injuries suffered in a car crash. He was 30 years old,

Toy T. Caldwell

Toy was the lead guitar player for the “Marshall Tucker Band.” Toy died on February 25, 1993 at the age of 45 of cardio-respiratory failure due to cocaine ingestion. Toy was the older brother of Tommy Caldwell.

George F. McCorkle

George was a guitar player for the “Marshall Tucker Band. He died on June 29, 2007 of cancer. He was 59 years old.

Greenlawn Memorial Gardens
1300 Fernwood Glendale Road
Spartanburg SC 29307
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