Final resting place for the ashes of:

Woody Guthrie

Guthrie is best known as a singer-songwriter and folk musician, whose musical legacy includes hundreds of political, traditional and children’s songs, ballads and improvised works. He is probably best remembered for writing “This Land Is Your Land“.

Woody died on October 3, 1967 due to the complications of Huntington’s disease. He was 55 years old. Where Woody Died.

Dan Fogelberg

Dan was a musician, songwriter, composer that was best known for the 1980s songs “Longer” and “Leader Of The Band“. Dan passed away on December 16, 2007 at his home in Maine due to advanced prostate cancer. He was 56 years old.

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

Jay was a very theatrical artist best known for his 1956 song “I Put a Spell on You“. Jay died on February 12, 2000 after emergency surgery for an aneurysm in France. He was 70.

Gar Samuelson

Gar was the drummer for Megadeth from 1984-1987 and can be heard on their first two albums. Gar died on July 14, 1999 from liver failure at the age of 41.