Former Location. Currently Called The Polaris Motel –
The Hacienda Motel was where singer and songwriter Sam Cooke, whose influence in soul music can be heard to this day, was killed on Dec. 11, 1964. Reportedly, the 33-year-old had picked up Lisa Boyer, a 22-year-old aspiring singer, at PJ’s nightclub in Hollywood and had taken her to this motel.

After a dispute, she fled Cooke’s room with most of his clothes. While half-clothed, he mistakenly thought she had fled into the manager’s office. After pounding on the door, Cooke broke in. The manager, taking him for a robber, shot him three times with a .22-caliber revolver. The shooting was ruled justifiable homicide.
— Los Angeles Times

Sam is buried at Forest Lawn in Glendale, California.

Sam Cooke Discography

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1958 – Encore
1959 – Tribute to the Lady
1960 – The Wonderful World of Sam Cooke
1960 – Cooke’s Tour
1960 – Hits of the 50’s
1961 – Swing Low
1961 – My Kind of Blues
1962 – Twistin’ the Night Away
1963 – Mr. Soul
1963 – Night Beat
1964 – Ain’t That Good News

Polaris Motel
9137 South Figueroa
Los Angeles CA 90003