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Tim Hardin, the singer/songwriter wrote “Reason to Believe” which became a big hit by Rod Stewart and “If I Were A Carpenter” which was covered by Bobby Darin, Joan Baez, and The Four Tops. Tim performed at Woodstock where he sang “If I Were a Carpenter” solo, and played a set of his music with his full band.

Tim died of a drug overdose in his Hollywood apartment on Dec. 29, 1980, he was 39 years old when he died. Tim is buried at Twin Oaks Cemetery in Turner Oregon.

Tim Hardin Discography

1966 – Tim Hardin 1
1967 – Tim Hardin 2
1967 – This Is Tim Hardin
1968 – Tim Hardin 3 Live in Concert
1969 – Tim Hardin 4
1969 – The Best of Tim Hardin
1969 – Suite for Susan Moore and Damion – We Are One, One, All in One
1971 – Bird on a Wire
1972 – Painted Head
1973 – Nine
1981 – Unforgiven

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