Layne Staley

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Layne Staley was the lead singer and co-songwriter of Alice in Chains, which he co-founded along with guitarist Jerry Cantrell in Seattle, Washington in 1987.

Layne was discovered on April 19, 2002 dead in his home surrounded by drugs and paraphernalia. It’s estimated that he died on April 5th, he was 34 years old. They discovered his body after his accountant reported that no money had been withdrawn from his bank account for over a week. His ashes were given to his family.

Alice in Chains Discography:

1990 – Facelift
1992 – Dirt
1995 – Alice in Chains
2009 – Black Gives Way to Blue
2013 – Black Gives Way to Blue
2018 – Rainier Fog

Private Residence
4528 8th Ave. NE
Seattle WA 98105