Johnny was considered to be a contemporary of Elvis Presley and worked with Buddy Holly, Buddy Knox, Johnny Horton, Bill Haley and Eddie Cochran. Among his many recordings was “You’re Sixteen” which was released on October 5, 1960 reaching number eight on the Hot 100 and number three in Britain and earned Johnny a gold record. Many years later, “You’re Sixteen” became a hit for Ringo Starr.

In 1973 “You’re Sixteen” appeared on the American Graffiti soundtrack and earned him more posthumous fame

After dark on August 14, 1964, Johnny’s fishing boat was struck by an unaware cabin cruiser on Clearlake in Northern California. The impact threw him off the boat and he drowned. He was 30 years old.

Johnny is buried at Forest Lawn Glendale in Los Angeles.

Clearlake CA 95422