Thriller House

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This dilapidated Victorian house in the Angelino Heights area of Los Angeles is the shack that was attacked by zombies in the 1983 music video Michael Jackson’s Thriller. In the video, it is where Ola Ray runs to while trying to escape dancing zombies.

The home has long been used in TV shows and movies due to its “Rustic Dilapidated” look. It was in the Season 4 episode of Charmed titled “Size Matters” and in the 1989 movie Teen Witch.

Michael Jackson Solo Discography

1972 – Got to Be There
1972 – Ben
1973 – Music & Me
1975 – Forever, Michael
1979 – Off the Wall
1982 – Thriller
1987 – Bad
1991 – Dangerous
1995 – HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I
2001 – Invincible

Thriller House
1345 Carroll Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90026

Thriller House