Hotel Knickerbocker

Elvis Presley enjoyed staying at the Knickerbocker; in suite 1016. He was here in 1956, while he was shooting “Love Me Tender.” He also posed for “Heartbreak Hotel” photos in one of its rooms. Fellow rocker Jerry Lee Lewis also liked to stay here, back in his heyday.

According to an interview with Graham Nash in 1968, Nash was staying at the  Hollywood Knickerbocker Hotel the day Cass Elliot picked him up to go meet Stephen Stills and David Crosby.

By the late 1960s, the neighborhood had deteriorated, and the hotel was primarily used by drug addicts and prostitutes. In 1970, a renovation project converted the hotel into housing for senior citizens.

Hotel Knickerbocker
1714 Ivar St.
Los Angeles CA 90028