Laurel Canyon Country Store

Former Location –
This has been a spot to see Rock and Roll celebrities doing their grocery shopping for years. Throughout the ’60s and ’70s, the Store acted as a meeting place for musicians to write songs together and jam on the patio. Joni Mitchell wrote “Ladies of the Canyon and Graham Nash wrote Our House about the neighborhood.

Mama Cass Elliot of the Mamas and the Papas lived in the basement for a short time where she wrote Twelve Thirty,” which has these lyrics:
Young girls are coming to the canyon
And in the mornings I can see them walking
I can no longer keep my blinds drawn
And I can’t keep myself from talking

After her success in the Mamas & The Papas, she moved up the canyon to the last residence owned and lived in by her.

The bottom floor was where the Cat and the Fiddle had been located for many years. Cat and the Fiddle was the pub for English expatriates who found themselves in the Hollywood Hills. It moved to Sunset Blvd in 1985 where it remained for almost 30 years it has since moved to 742 North Highland Avenue in Los Angeles.

Laurel Canyon Country Store
2108 Laurel Canyon Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90046