Metromedia Building

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KMET was a Los Angeles radio station originally owned by Metromedia that first took to the air in June 1968 at 94.7 MHz. The station, nicknamed “The Mighty Met,” was one of the pioneering stations of the album oriented rock format.

The Mighty Met

Yes, it’s supposed to be upside down.

Creative bands of the time, especially those specializing in progressive rock, were recording longer songs and concept albums. Traditional radio had no place for this music given the strict three-minute maximum imposed by the Top 40 radio format. By comparison, the fledgling FM side of the dial was ripe for innovation, including niche programming like Dr. Demento, whose show began as a local Sunday night presentation on KMET.

To its fans throughout the 1970s and mid-1980s, KMET’s progressive rock radio format was what you listened to in Los Angeles if you were to be considered “cool.” Evenings were given over to Jim Ladd, whose laid-back philosophical ruminations usually led into a song – often Pink Floyd, The Doors or Led Zeppelin – that underscored his point.

KMET signed off on February 14, 1987 to be replaced with New Age KTWV “The Wave,” much to the consternation of its fans, many of whom called it “the Valentine’s Day Massacre”.

Metromedia Building

5746 W. Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90028