The Doors Office

Image via flickr

Former location –

The second floor once housed the business offices for the Doors which has come to be known as “The Doors Workshop”. The group recorded their “L.A. Woman” album in the recording studio located in the space downstairs.

The lower level bathroom served as the vocal booth for Morrison to lay down his vocals for the album as Jim liked the way his voice sounded in it.

A plaque in front of the building still commemorates the former site.

Doors Discography

1967 – The Doors
1967 – Strange Days
1968 – Waiting for the Sun
1969 – The Soft Parade
1970 – Morrison Hotel
1971 – L.A. Woman
1971 – Other Voices
1972 – Full Circle
1978 – An American Prayer

The Doors Office and Recording Studio
8512 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood CA 90069