Oki Dog

Former Location –
Oki Dog became a punk hangout in the late seventies, probably because it was close to the Starwood and other Hollywood clubs. It was open late and made burritos as big as your arm for under $3. It also had the Oki Dog for which it was named which was a couple of hot dogs wrapped in a tortilla with chili, pickles, mustard, a slice of fried pastrami and a crap-load (pun intended) of melted American cheese.

It had a nice big parking lot for socializing. The police and the neighbors put a damper on the fun. It’s now a Fatburger that ironically draws the same crowd.

You can find other Oki Dog locations in Los Angeles with the same fine menu. Pastrami burritos are a specialty.

Oki Dog
7450 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood CA 90046