The Cat & Fiddle Restaurant & Pub opened at 2100 Laurel Canyon Boulevard in October 1982 on the bottom floor of the building that also housed the “Laurel Canyon Country Store” . The pub featured a full bar and traditional English fare and soon attracted many British expats and friends of the owners, Kim Gardner, a British musician and his wife.

On many nights, you could find Eric Clapton playing darts and other nights, Rod Stewart would appear with his entire soccer team for the British vibe. Other Rock ‘N Rollers known to have a pint or two here included Keith Moon, Rod Stewart, Robert Plant and Morrissey.

The pub was a bit too successful and in 1984, nearby residents found the location had never been zoned for a bar, and the Cat and Fiddle was forced to move. The pub moved to a two-story Spanish-style shopping mall at 6530 Sunset Boulevard.

In 2017 the pub moved again to its current location:

The Cat & Fiddle
742 N Highland Ave
Los Angeles CA 90038

The Cat and the Fiddle