Soul Kitchen

Soul Kitchen is a program of the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation. The restaurant provides gourmet-quality meals while enabling diners to volunteer on community projects in return without the stigma of visiting a soup kitchen. Paying customers are encouraged to leave whatever they want in the envelopes on each table, where the menus never list a price.

From their website:

At Soul Kitchen the main ingredient is Love, with a large helping of you. Our chefs prepare our healthy, delicious meals with the freshest ingredients, some grown in our own organic garden. At the JBJ Soul Kitchen all are treated with cheerfulness, kindness, and respect.

Introduce yourself to the person seated beside you or across the table. Stay awhile and stay informed of all the ways Soul Kitchen is dedicated to eliminating hunger, building relationships, celebrating community action and unity, promoting sustainability, and extending encouragement and opportunity to those in need.

Way to go Jon… this is a wonderful thing to do.

Jon Bon Jovi Discography

1990 – Blaze Of Glory
1997 – Destination Anywhere
2009 – At the Starland Ballroom Liv

Soul Kitchen Community Restaurant
207 Monmouth Street
Red Bank NJ 07701
732 842-0900