Hard Rock Cafe - San Francisco

Image Via flickr

Opened on September 10, 1984, on Pier #39, The Cafe is located next to the Bay’s waterfront. If you like rock and roll memorabilia, this is the place to visit, like the other Hard Rock locations, this SF version has guitars from Todd Rundgren, the Counting Crows, Faith No More, Sammy Hagar and Joe Satriani as well as many others.

Notable Concerts Held At The Hard Rock Cafe In San Francisco

3/23/1999 – Sammy Hagar
12/31/1997 – Cheap Trick
12/31/1994 – They Might Be Giants
12/17/1992 – Joan Baez, Thomas Dolby, Jellyfish
12/13/1991- Todd Rundgren
4/12/1988 – The Doobie Brothers, Starship
5/3/1986 – Journey
2/25/1985 – Chuck Berry
9/29/1984 – Cyndi Lauper

Hard Rock Cafe
39 Pier #256
San Francisco CA 94133