Hollywood Professional School

From the 1951 yearbook

Former Location –
This was a high school for kids in show business and was also known as the “Hollywood Conservatory of Music and Art“. Many famous actors and musicians and their children attended this old school since it opened its doors in 1925 and closed in 1984.

Most parents of actors quickly learned that attending a private or public school with its rigid schedules and inflexible attendance requirements, did not match the time needed on a set, in rehearsal, in photo shoots, or wardrobe fittings, thus the need for this school.

Some famous attendees included:

Annette Funicello
Val Kilmer
Glen Campbell
Carl Wilson
Mackenzie Phillips
The Addrissi brothers
Jimmy Boyd
Judy Garland
Leif Garrett
The Cowsills

Hollywood Professional School
5400 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90027