Stanley Mouse Arwork For The Grateful Dead

Former Location –
This was the headquarters of some very talented poster artists led by Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley. Two of their most famous images, one featuring ZigZag papers and the Grateful Dead skeleton and roses (see above), became world famous icons.

Many of their images gained attention and fame including work for: Jefferson Airplane, The Rolling Stones, The Family Dog, Blind Faith, Journey, Janis Joplin, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles. Mouse and Kelley worked on the first eight album covers for the Grateful Dead as well.

The winged horse cover illustration for Steve Miller’sBook of Dreams” was created by Alton Kelley and Stanley Mouse, who were credited as “Kelly and Mouse”.

This is also where Janis Joplin first met Big Brother and the Holding Company in 1966. Chet Helms of the Avalon Ballroom suggested she should hook up with them. The band was not too impressed with her at first sight but when they heard her sing, they knew a star when they heard one.

Kelley-Mouse Studios
74 Henry Street
San Francisco CA 94114