The Record Plant Studios

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Former Location-

Boy does this place have a history… On October 28, 1972, the Northern California location of the Record Plant opened in Sausalito. From that point on until the location closed in March of 2008, some of the greatest albums of all time were recorded here including:

Other people that have recorded here include Jefferson Starship: “Nuclear Furniture, America: “Hearts, Santana: “Supernatural, Heart: “Heart, Metallica: “Load, Dave Matthews Band: “Busted Stuff, Huey Lewis and the News: “Sports, Todd Rundgren: “Nearly Human, The Wailers: “Talkin’ Blues, Prince: “For You and Marty Balin: “Balin.”

Visit the New York Record Plant.

The Record Plant Studios
2200 Bridgeway
Sausalito CA 94965