The Comedy Store

Formerly Ciro’s and then later known as Ciro’s Le Disc, the location became The Comedy Store in 1972.

Certainly famous in its own right as one the original places where the current popularity of stand up comedy came into being and maybe lesser known as the childhood home of Pauly Shore (his parents were the founders and his mother is the current owner) but it had a rock and roll heyday before becoming the Comedy Store, notably as Ciro’s.

At Ciro’s The Byrds first achieved notice here in 1965. Ciro’s also was the venue for Dick Dale’s 1965 album “Rock Out With Dick Dale: Live At Ciro’s“.

In 1967, it was renamed The Kaleidoscope and in 1968, the club was called It’s Boss. In 1969, it was known as Patch 2. It has been and still is the Comedy Store as of 1972.

Notable Rock Concerts held at Ciro’s include:

3/19/1967 – The 5th Dimension
3/5/1967 – Marvin Gaye
6/26/1965 – The Byrds
3/20/1965 – Little Richard

The Comedy Store
8433 Sunset Boulevard,
West Hollywood CA 90069