Folk City

Via NYU Archives

Bob Dylan played his first professional gig here in 1961. He opened for John Lee Hooker. Logan English, a local singer and poet was instrumental in getting Dylan his first appearance. His widow Barbara Shutner said:

“My husband Logan English and I met Bob Dylan at Bob and Sid Gleason’s house… One night we were all sitting around and Woody [Guthrie] said something like, “Play something” to this kid sitting on the couch. The kid was Bob Dylan, and he sang and it was just beautiful. So Logan said, “I’m working at Gerde’s. I’m the MC. We’ll get you to play there.” So that Monday night, Bob came in and did his first set.” (Quoted in John Bauldie, Wanted Man: In Search of Bob Dylan, London, 1990, p. 37.)

Gerde’s Folk City
11 W 4th St
New York NY 10012