Former Location –
The Mudd Club, which was named after Samuel Alexander Mudd, a doctor who treated John Wilkes Booth in the aftermath of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, opened in 1978 and very quickly became a hot, albeit short-lived, late night destination. The club became somewhat of an anti Studio 54, which was all glitz and little substance.

This was the site of the B-52s first New York city concert.  The Talking Heads played there and even mentioned it in their hit “Life During Wartime“: “This ain’t no Mudd Club or CBGBs”! It was also mentioned in the Ramones song “The Return of Jackie and Judy” and Frank Zappa included a song named for the club on his album “You Are What You Is.”

Some of the artists that performed here include:
Lou Reed, Johnny Thunders, David Byrne, Debbie Harry, Nico, Lydia Lunch, X, the Cramps, the B-52’s and Judas Priest

The club closed for good in 1981.

Mudd Club
77 White St
New York NY 10013