El Cid

Photo: Dick Boyd

Former Location

The Beau Brummels formed in 1964 and consisted of singer Sal Valentino, lead guitarist Ron Elliott, rhythm guitarist Ron Meagher, bassist Declan Mulligan and drummer John Petersen. Local Bay Area Disc Jockeys Tom Donahue and Bobby Mitchell  discovered them at this venue. It’s said that they heard about them from the local prostitutes that frequented the area.

Beau Brummels Discography

1965 – Introducing the Beau Brummels
1965 – The Beau Brummels, Volume 2
1966 – Beau Brummels ’66
1967 – Triangle
1968 – Bradley’s Barn
1975 – The Beau Brummels

El Cid
606 Columbus Ave
San Francisco CA 94133