The Doors

Former Location –
Olivia’s was a popular soul food restaurant whose patrons were mostly UCLA students. Jim Morrison loved Olivia’s, which he used as the inspiration for his song, “Soul Kitchen” on their debut album, “The Doors

Jim often stayed at Olivia’s for extended periods of time as it reminded him of his childhood home. Because he was always the last to leave, the staff would regularly kick him out. This is where the line “let me sleep all night, in your soul kitchen” originated.

The Doors

Side One:
Break On Through (To the Other Side)
Soul Kitchen
The Crystal Ship
Twentieth Century Fox
Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
Light My Fire

Side Two:
Back Door Man
I Looked at You
End of the Night
Take It as It Comes
The End

Doors Discography

1967 – The Doors
1967 – Strange Days
1968 – Waiting for the Sun
1969 – The Soft Parade
1970 – Morrison Hotel
1971 – L.A. Woman
1971 – Other Voices
1972 – Full Circle
1978 – An American Prayer

2615 Main Street
Santa Monica CA 90405