Man-Pop Festival Poster

Former location –

The stadium was located at the corner of St. James Street and Maroons Road, immediately north of the Polo Park Shopping Centre and the now-defunct Winnipeg Arena.

On Aug. 29, 1970, The Man-Pop Festival was held at was then called Winnipeg Stadium. Led Zeppelin was the headlining act at the event. Other artists performing at the festival included The Youngbloods, The Ides Of March, Iron Butterfly, Chilliwack, plus local bands, including Dianne Heatherington and The Merry Go Round as well as many others.

Tickets for the festival cost $5.50 to $12.50!

Other Notable Acts That Performed At Canad Inns Stadium Include:
5/29/2011 – U2
8/7/2010 – Stone Temple Pilots
7/17/2010 – Bon Jovi
6/22/2010 – The Eagles

Other Notable Acts That Performed At Winnipeg Stadium Include:
8/9/2000 – Foo Fighters
8/8/1999 – The Guess Who
7/4/1998 – Green Day
9/30/1997 – The Rolling Stones
7/1/1994 – Pink Floyd
7/29/1993 – Midnight Oil
5/21/1993 – Paul McCartney
8/19/1987 – Duran Duran
9/14/1987 – David Bowie
8/1/1981 – Blue Öyster Cult
7/1/1970 – Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin & Mountain

By 2009, it was estimated that the aging stadium would require over $52 million in upgrades as early as 2012 in order to make it safe and viable for another decade. It officially closed on January 3, 2013.

Winnipeg Stadium Also Know As Canad Inns Stadium
1465 Maroons Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA

Winnipeg Stadium